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Two Loves
Sometimes we meet special people as we wander thru life ... souls who impact us in special ways ... souls that allow our own to soar to greater heights. This page is dedicated to two such of these ... Ambrose and Lamia.

Ambrose and Lamia in front of my house

Ambrose and Lamia in the back yard   Ambrose and Lamia in the back yard

Lamia in front of my house For Lamia -- August 26, 1998

I remember.

I remember loving once before, long, long ago,
full with smiles and glances and holding hands
in the eternal sunshine of optimistic youth.

Picnics and loving in the shade of friendly trees,
dreams of many tomorrows full of hope, and of forever.

Too soon the forever tomorrows
became far too many yesterdays
and I have since awakened in the beds
of far too many strangers.

My tears have long ago dried.
The anguish of memory has faded into gentle regret.

Someone new has come into my life
bringing fear and joy and hope again.

My eyes hunger for your smile.
You haunt my dreams.