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A Page for the Lady Muin

I came as a stranger to Seattle. I knew nothing about the city or its people, only that I had a job to do. I found a Pagan culture that I fit in with and I found someone to love.

This was no ordinary love ... it was really never proclaimed or consummated ... but it was real for me.

Alas, there are no photos, no poems (well, one) ... just memories of a warm and wonderful person who made my lonely life bearable ... someone who knew me and accepted me for what I was.


For the Lady M.

The walls we build because we fear
keep us apart to build more walls.

I love you:
I am a gate.


So, as the months pass into my new life I shall remember this wonderful part of the old and add to this page. The love I knew back then can be carried on into today ... and for this I am grateful.

Thank you, M'Lady!

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