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Pagecrafting by Gavangar
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Greetings and Merry Meet!

Welcome to my small enterprise. I have discovered within me a talent for crafting html documents ... although I prefer to keep them as simple as possible and allow the content to persuade the reader into staying and exploring further.

In the course of my adventures ahout and over the Web I have had opportunities to assist many in the creation or modification of their pages. I enjoy doing this as it is relaxing and not overly consuming of time. The rewards are also gratifying ... mainly the satisfaction of seeing improvements of sound ideas and concepts and what were once muddy and disorganized documents take on a new clarity and simplicity.

I will say that I am a Wiccan ... and if you are reading this page there's a good chance you linked to it from another Pagan or Wiccan page that I have had a hand in crafting. During my long journey on this Path I have found that the benefits of glorifying the Goddess and God are inconspicuous but nonetheless very real. So for Wiccans and other Pagans I have no set fee for helping. If it is a simple task you wish me to perform it will be free. If it is complex and time-consuming I prefer working on a barter system ... though cash is not totally unacceptable.

For non-Pagan pages the fees are negotiable and usually very reasonable.

Here are links to a few of the pages I have crafted or contributed to.

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Grove of the Silver Bard

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Prairie's Moonlyghte Grove

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